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    NanoSkool is a complete robotics education solution that includes everything you need to teach robotics to students from a young age. We are passionate about empowering the next generation of innovators and problem solvers through robotics education. NanoSkool is designed to be easy to use. Teachers and even children with no prior experience in robotics will find it interesting and hassle-free. The curriculum is step-by-step, and the robots are easy to assemble and program. NanoSkool is also affordable, making it a great option for schools and tuition centres on a budget. Our robotics lab in a box will help students to enhance their problem-solving, creativity, teamwork, communication, collaboration, STEAM concepts by way of doing rather than rote learning.

    Implement National Education Policy 2020

    • Make your school or tuition centre NEP 2020 compliant
    • Leverage the early bird competitive edge
    • Empower the next generation with practical knowledge

    Robotics Lab in A Box

    • NanoSkool’s Robotics Lab in A Box encourages the kids to create their own coding toys
    • Well-equipped with electrical devices to create and implement systems
    • With practical experience, they can apply theoretical knowledge to real-life scenarios
    • Fosters critical abilities such as creative thinking, decision-making, communication, leadership, and adaptability

    Why NanoSkool?

    Comprehensive Robotics Kits

    • Comprehensive and hands-on approach to learning
    • Include everything you need to set up own robotics lab
    • Seamless integration into the curriculum
    • Carefully designed to engage students and facilitate their understanding of robotics concepts

    Join Make in India Program

    • Prime Minister’s Make in India comprises a wider set of nation-building initiatives to make India a global designing and manufacturing hub
    • Promotes entrepreneurship
    • Facilitates investments, fosters innovation, skill development, protects intellectual property & builds best-in-class manufacturing infrastructure

    Safety and Accessibility

    • Safety of students prioritized
    • Designed with the highest safety standards in mind
    • Suitable for children above 8 years of age
    • Affordable and customizable solutions

    Curriculum Mapping

    • We’ll help you map your curriculum to STEAM and robotics
    • Comprehensive training and support from the Korean team
    • Seamless implementation process

    Engaging Learning Experience

    • Learning made engaging, inspiring, and fun
    • Designed to captivate students' imaginations and foster a love for STEAM subjects
    • Hands-on activities to explore the principles of robotics
    • Options to experiment with design and develop problem-solving skills

    Expert Support and Resources

    • We’re committed to providing exceptional support
    • Always ready to assist with any queries or challenges
    • Comprehensive resources, including curriculum guides, lesson plans, and teacher training

    Functionality Support

    • Complete functionality support
    • Korean connect to train, address and resolve any functionality-level matters swiftly and effectively

    International Exposure to Students and Faculty

    • Korean experts training students and faculties
    • Opportunities to explore STEAM practices worldwide
    • International trade shows and knowledge exchange programs

    1 Box Unleashes Infinite Possibilities

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      Education Exchange
      Program - Korea

      NanoSkool invites Indian school leaders for an exciting 5-day Education Exchange Program to South Korea! This immersive program will give you an opportunity to discover STEAM education, AI and Robotics and have a firsthand experience of cutting-edge robotics technologies. You get to explore innovative robotic labs, and interact with robots. Witness the latest educational tools and platforms, as well as how schools use technology to improve teaching and learning. The participants connect with prestigious South Korean universities, engage in discussions with renowned academics, participate in workshops, and gain insights into their groundbreaking work in educational innovation. They get to interact with South Korean educators, teachers, and industry experts and share experiences, exchange ideas and build strong partnerships. The program also offers a cultural immersion into South Korea’s rich culture, traditions, and hospitality. Participate in cultural events, savor authentic cuisine, and explore the breathtaking beauty of South Korea.


      Date: August 30 - September 5, 2023 Location: Seoul, South Korea

      If interested, register now through the link: